Abril 11, 2019

How GISize! crossed borders


Àngel Fernández
Àngel Fernández

Real Time and GISIZE Solutions Manager Ingeniero industrial especializado en control y automatización industrial. Con conocimientos en sistemas SCADA, comunicaciones industriales, sistemas de control distribuido y PLC’s. Es el responsable de la línea de negocio de Real Time Management y de la solución para infraestructuras GISIZE.

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We have recently participated at the INDUMATION event in Belgium, with our partners from Wonderware Benelux, accompanying them at their stand showing different modules of the GISIZE framework.

There is no doubt over the last two years GISize! has crossed borders. In fact, we are a proud contributor of several projects of Wonderware distributors around the world (such as Wonderware France, Wonderware Benelux and Wonderware California).

And some of you might ask why? Keep reading and you’ll find out:

  • GISize! became a very welcomed tool by system integrators around the world, due to the ease of integration of the GEOspatial module and the Scheduler & Sequencer module. Thanks to this, the development time of a project is drastically reduced, making them more profitable.
  • The specific features that it provides to any infrastructure project management: The ability to offer plans and scenarios directly to the end user, the functionality of geo-locating assets integrating them into the SCADA with real-time data and finally the functionality of integration with BIM models, are specific functionalities required and each time more demanded in any infrastructure project. Obliviously, in industrial projects too.
  • Its graphic capabilities: Visually, the graphic content is powerful and advanced; this is an important factor in favor of GISize!.
    Still have not convinced? Go to our website and watch the Virtual World video. Then you will see clearly why GISize! has crossed borders!

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